Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why bad is bad and good is good?

There is a thin line of difference between the venerated good and the defamed bad. This line happens to demarcate and dissect the two into two different essentia of opposite effects. This very line so often comes under the radar that it has become, by far, the most controversial topic even to the greatest of scholars and we tend to ignore the fact that they are but two chaste words from the dictionary. We live by the society's definition of what it thinks could be good and bad. None of us knows the soul of either.

Very often than not the two sides of a coin are pitted against the simultaneous existence of good and bad. Good simile, but then, come to think of it, the sides of a coin complement each other. They are inseparable. One ought to depend on the other for survival. One cant win over the other. They wouldn't be 'valid' in that case. Does not the same apply to good and bad?

The reason good remains good is because bad lets it bask in its own glory while courageously allowing to degrade itself. Something good could never attempt. Bad renders a platform for good to showcase its ingenuity and have the last laugh too, no matter at what point of time. Bad enjoys a greater part of life and when doom befalls, it gives a chance for good to make a fortune of it too. On the flip side good flounders for an entire lifetime just to be able to earn an entry ticket to heaven, if any. The Satan and the saint differ by just one alphabet!Take the instance of our filmi fundas. The villain takes the hero's girl whilst the two are happily running around trees playing dumb, thus giving a chance for the hero to prove his salt. And then it culminates into a hopeless war with the hero getting the damsel in distress back after kicking some ass (dumbly too). Don't know how they even sell. On a serious note, while not condemning being good I would want all of us to try and spare a thought as to what defines our own framework of good and bad.

Anything that gives us genuine joy, not at the expense of others is good enough and anything that doesn't is not. I cannot seem to simplify it more. A teenager budging to his/her parents' demand to pursue a course he/she is not soulful about just to see the parents happy is not good. A moron who constantly questions an old tradition which might not hold good in present times is not bad. A politician who drinks every evening, chain smokes, does drugs is not essentially bad. Winston Churchill came clean, running the country despite the 'bad' qualities. One should try and co-relate with the good parts. There is a demon and a dainty fairy in us all. It's about how many times we invoke each of them. Some might think the teenager is the most rewarding child a parent could ever have and sympathize with the loner in the latter case all the while loathing the moron. Totally risible.
It's one of the 'wtf' moments! We are not programmed zombies to say the least.Why should we move with the tides channelized by the peremptory society? To hell with the society. We only live once! What if we are pigs in the next life?

I personally think all non vegetarians are bad, uncouth people. Someone happened to ask me 'What about the non-vegetarian animals, are they bad too? It did occur to me that it's nature's way of maintaining a balance of the ecosystem. When a lion eats a deer its common, when a crane grabs a fish its natural. Yes. When a human eats an animal, its not a sin. What do we have canines for? What did our ancestors eat after all? Besides, we cannot disown the probability that figures from our mythology indicate instances of non-vegetarianism. Our very own Rama is believed to have been a meat devourer when in Aranyavas. This is one of the most debated topics in the web forums, with ardent followers of the Ramayan contriving the edible satieties as tubers and fruits eventually. When one side of the see saw gets heavy the other side weighs it down. That's precisely what we learnt about food chains and food webs in biology class right? However, we also need to be aware when and where the buck stops (humans turn a deaf ear to over-exploitation with nobody eating them up).

Indians are renowned for their unruly, brazen behaviour the world over. Owe it to not obeying rules, being 'dirty', corruption la la la. But it's just so functional that way. It's what we call home. We would never be any comfortable in other countries how much ever we crave them. There are instances of firangis falling in love with our history, butter chicken, and the vividness of the country, too, on the contrary. To each his own. It all depends on how we respond to a stimulus. Spilt milk is bad. Accepting that 80% of it is water is good. Some suggest the glass is half empty while some notice that it is half full.

p.s now I'm aware this one is a potential harbinger of diverse views and comments. In case anyone is wondering which tribe I belong to... none! I'm a selective patron of both. It's sinfully convenient!


  1. whoa sindhu! you are delving in to the deeper recesses of your mind with each new post of yours! what started as chirpy journey is now a space for some deep thinking and serious contemplation. like punkrock to soulful melody! Know what this post reminds me of? an antithesis! never knew you are so (hmm whats that word) pensive (dint remember the exact word to describe this) Good makes bad and bad makes good! like you said both are commutual one fuels and sustains the other! I was just reading this quote other day guess holds good here "People aren't evil and people aren't good. They live how they can one day at a time. They come out of dust they go back to dust, dusty feet, no wings, and whose fault is that?" a bit on the philosophical edge i agree! Now i waiting for fiery and peppy post! Write a movie review!!

    P.s: deciding to start a blog is the best idea you had since eons! keep rocking :)


  3. What I make of the above: Good, the elder brother, the bully. Bad, the younger brother, the bullied and the victimised child. Begging to give the poor one a chance. Give him his due credit. Atleast recognise him if you can't appreciate him. Let peace prevail. You'd only be fooling yourself if you judge too much and discriminate between the two.

  4. A little too late to reply!

    "You'd only be fooling yourself if you judge too much and discriminate between the two."
    My whole point was that I do not want discrimination between good and bad. I am hardly the discriminator, if you didn't notice it yet.

    "Good, the elder brother, the bully. Bad, the younger brother, the bullied and the victimised child."
    That is the definition of discrimination, what you just inferred right there. I was merely asking for acknowledgement of the demand-supply equation of good and bad. Appreciate the causal relationship between the two, not the values attached to them.

    "Let peace prevail."
    In other words, peaceful co-existence and due credit is what I wished for :)